Strange rare diseases

weird-diseases-1There are many diseases all around us and all over the world. Some we know quite well such as cancer, however there are many that we don’t know. Here are 15 weird diseases that you may not have ever heard about.

1. Trichotillomania:
A person who suffers from this strange disease has urge to pull one’s hair out. Whether it is body hair, scalp hair, beard hair, eyelashes, nose hair or eyebrows. Abnormalities in the natural brain chemicals serotonin and dopamine may play a role in causing this disease.

2. Stendhal Syndrome:
This disease causes people who have it to experience dizziness, rapid heartbeat, confusion and hallucinations when exposed to large amounts of beautiful art work.

weird-diseases-23. Capgras Delusion:
A sufferer of this disease becomes convinced that a family member generally a spouse has been replaced by an identical looking imposter. Victims of this awful disease regularly report that their loved ones or significant others are being impersonated by other people. Sometimes in severe cases, this has led to the victim assaulting who he or she believes is the imposter, but is actually the relative or spouse in question. Some victims even second guess their own reflections in the mirror!

4. Pica:
This disease generates an urge to consume things other than food. Sufferers eat materials such as paper, clay, dirt, glue, coal, even feces and lint. Medical researchers have tenuously connected Pica with a mineral deficiency, however experts haven’t yet nailed down a real, firm cause or cure for this strange disorder.

5. Cotard’s Syndrome:
Those who suffer from this disease feel that they are dead and non-existent. The sufferer may also feel that he/she lost his or her blood or internal organs; the patient even feels that the internal parts are putrefying. It can show up due to mental illness and is also associated with depression.

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Strange Rare Diseases You Have to See to Believe  — Top Secret Writers
We are both curious and fearful of any new disease that we hear about. We stayed glued to the TV news if we hear of an “outbreak” of some sort. We fear as much as we investigate.

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10 incredibly rare diseases
10 incredibly rare diseases
Rare, Strange Sickness, weird diseases
Rare, Strange Sickness, weird diseases

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