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Rare diseases that cause nausea

Last night I had an event in which caused paralysis to my limbs and upper body, made me unable to speak, caused my heart rate to spike, my oxygen and breathing to decline, and caused severe chest and muscle pain and nausea. I have had many of these events over the years. Sometimes I get severe muscle spams with the attacks. Over the last six months I’ve now had about eight attacks and luckily I was not alone while having these attacks. My neurologist believes it is caused from a rare condition called . It is a rare disease that causes imbalances in potassium. And in my case it causes my blood potassium levels to drop and can cause paralysis to my airways. This can be very dangerous and is considered a medical emergency. Last night was one of the scariest Periodic Paralysis attacks I’ve ever felt.

My gasping for air was so loud it woke my husband up. I felt an attack was coming because all of my muscles felt like they were tightening and my chest started to hurt. Luckily my husband is very well trained (from experience with my health) he was able to take action. He did everything right. He asked me if I was okay. He saw I was not. He got up and turned on the light. Asked me what was hurting. He saw I couldn’t talk very well. I could barely get out the word, “Chest.” He helped me move and sat me up some to help with my breathing and so I could take medication and in case I threw up, I would at least be up right. My body was limp and weak. I could not sit up very well so I allowed my body to lean up against my pillows.

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Children died not from a rare infectious disease but from a vaccine-preventable disease that we didn't protect them from. 2. Pertussis: In 2013, Texas reported 3,985 cases of pertussis, or whooping cough — more than any other state in the U.S.

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What disease can cause nausea, headaches, and excessive fever?

The flu causes nausea, headaches and high fever. If symptoms continue or you have other health problems see a doctor. !

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