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Orphan Disease Marketing

REALITY Rx communication, a Global Healthcare Boutique, has a unique therapeutic focus for marketing products developed for orphan diseases and elevating awareness of these disorders. Our strategies and accomplishments have motivated physicians and patients alike and have helped shape these niche marketplaces.

From analyzing the competitive landscape, to assessing the potential impact of emerging orphan products, REALITY Rx forges strong relationships with pivotal audiences for its clients. By engaging the communities surrounding orphan diseases through social media, REALITY Rx is highly involved, knowledgeable, and proven to bring measurable results.

Our staff has an extensive background in this arena, with broad experience in orphan products and rare diseases including: Gattex® for Short Bowel Syndrome; WinRho® SDF for Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura; HepaGam® B for Liver Transplantation with HBV; Humate-P® and Stimate® for Hemophilia A and von Willebrand Disease; Helixate® FX for Hemophilia A; Mononine®for Hemophilia B; Monoclate-P® for Hemophilia A; Pompe disease; and Fabry disease.

  • REALITY Rx has a track record of efficiently raising awareness of rare diseases, and successfully bringing orphan products to market, changing the lives of patients and families suffering from these disorders.

REALITY Rx: a winning model that meets the challenges of raising awareness of rare diseases and orphan products

REALITY Rx provides their clients with proven C-suite talent, vast experience, global interconnectedness and demonstrated capabilities. Our work is centered in our NJ-based offices, staffed and equipped for the latest in video and digital pre- and post-production.

  • This forward-thinking model improves results while reducing the costs, timelines and bureaucracy associated with conglomerate agencies
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