Top 10 rare diseases list

Rarest Diseases - Water Allergy

Here is a list of 10 diseases that rarely affect people:

Water allergy: Water allergy disease is very rare and is affected only 30 individuals till date. This kind of disease causes skin to become unbearably itchy and burning after exposure to water. These symptoms will last anywhere from ten minutes to several hours.

Microcephaly: Microcephaly is extremely rare condition of the nervous system that is visible immediately at birth or even before. It affects 1 in every 666, 666 in the U.S.Rarest Diseases - Microcephaly Because of this disease, patient’s physical development is significantly unnatural as well as mental development is also delayed.

Argyria (blue skin) : Argyria is rare disease which is characterized by a blue or gray discoloration on the skin. It is due to an extreme exposure from silver or an intake of sliver salts, which are found in particular prescription medications. The main symptoms include headaches, weakness, dizziness, breathing difficulties and psychological changes.

Werewolf Syndrome: Werewolf is rare genetic disorder that cause excessive amount of hair growth on the body where hair will not supposed to develop.Rarest Diseases - Argyria The hair typically grows on face, hands and arms. In medical term, it is referred as hypertrichosis or ambras syndrome.

Human Pappiloma Virus: Human pappiloma virus is also another rare skin disorder which is genetic in nature. It is a result of some immunity deficiency which in turn causes a typical skin disorder.

They are found all over the body, but sometimes it can be targeted to the parts of the body which often are exposed to the sun.

Hutchinson-gilfordprogeria: This genetic disease is more often known as progeria.Rarest Diseases - Werewolf Syndrome It affects because of a new mutation characterized by the dramatic and rapid appearance of aging starting in childhood.

This disorder affects one in 8 million people all over the world. The usual life time of the people who are suffering from this particular disease is 13 years while some others are able to survive until their early twenties.

Cutaneous horns: A cutaneous horn is also uncommon hereditary condition. It grows on human feet and hands. This happens to adults, particularly those who are frequently exposed in the sun.

Fields’ disease: Field’s disease is also one of the rarest neuromuscular diseases in the world. With the cause of this disease, the muscles of the body gradually begin deteriorating and additional limit the body movements. This disorder affects only girls and till now it is restricted the lives of so many girls to wheelchairs.

Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva: This can be a rare disorder in which muscle tissues as well as connective tissues like ligaments and tendons are slowly substituted by bones and develop bones outside the skeleton that constrains your normal movements.

Rarest Diseases - Human Pappiloma Virus Rarest Diseases - Hutchinson-gilfordprogeria Rarest Diseases - Fields’ disease Rarest Diseases - Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva
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