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Acidosis the result of the kidneys not being able to get rid of enough acid, or losing excessive bicarbonate in the urine, is accumulation of acid in the blood - acidosis.
Acute renal failure, ARF when the kidneys stop working suddenly, or over a period of days to weeks. Usually it is hoped that they can be started up again, but that depends on the cause.
Agenesis renal agenesis is failure of a kidney to grow and develop. It is quite common for this to occur on one side so that an adult will only have one kidney. See .
Albumin a protein that is present in the blood in large quantities. It appears in urine if the kidneys are leaking protein, and can be measured in the urine and in the blood to show how severe a protein leak is (see, below). Can also be low in the blood in some other conditions.
Alport syndrome

an inherited condition that causes kidney failure and deafness. Further information and more detailed information is available

The normal GBM (left) and the GBM in Alport syndrome (right)
Amyloidosis there are several types of amyloidosis but almost all can cause kidney damage. They often cause but may go on to cause renal failure. Dialysis-related amyloid is an unusual kind that sometimes occurs after many years of kidney failure.
Analgesic nephropathy kidney disease caused by taking large quantities of painkillers over months to years. Less common since phenacetin was removed from over-the-counter painkillers in most countries.
Angiogram, angiography
Angioplasty stretching of a narrowing in an artery. Often combined with placing a stent
Anti-GBM disease see (below)
Anti-phospholipid syndrome a condition where there is a tendency to block small blood vessels. Sometimes occurs as part of, but may also occur alone. The kidneys are sometimes affected, but many other organs may be involved. Also known as Hughes' syndrome
APD automated peritoneal dialysis - see peritoneal dialysis.
MED-21. Spontaneous intramural small bowel hemorrhage: a rare complication of anti-coagulation.(Section on Internal Medicine): An article from: Southern Medical Journal
Book (Southern Medical Association)
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