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Necrotizing fasciitis is term which refers to a disorder that causes the damage and death of tissues. It is the result of rapid spread of infection which is usually located in the fascial regions of connective tissues. It is a rare disease, but can affect any part of the body. Almost all cases of the condition are caused group A beta-hemolytic streptococci. However, as knowledge about the disease has progressed, researchers have come to identify various other types of bacteria that can lead to the disease either in combination with other kinds of bacteria or on their own. Certain types of fungus are also known to cause the disease in certain cases.

In the 1800s, people were aware about the symptoms of necrotizing fasciitis, but it was not until 1952, that the term was used to describe the condition. As of now, the medical world uses several terms such as dermal, Fournier’s gangrene, etc. to loosely describe necrotizing fasciitis

Irrespective of the organisms that infect the tissues, it is important to note that once they affect and grow in the connective tissues they spread so rapidly, that treating the spread of infection becomes very difficult, even with modern treatment methods such antimicrobial drugs or surgery. Around 75 percent of the individuals affected by necrotizing fasciitis eventually die. Also, most patients have perennial medical emergencies that either result in fatality or disability, in case of delayed treatment.

Necrotizing fasciitis are of three types:

  • Type 1 results from two kinds of bacterial infection or may be caused by a single bacterial infection like Vibrio or by the Candida fungus
  • Type 2 results from Streptococcus spp infection
  • Type 3 results from by Clostridium spp infection
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In order to immigrate to Canada you must meet the requirements of one of the categories. Further, all immigrants are required to undergo medical exams. Any serious medical condition is likely to make you medically inadmissible to Canada.
There are hundreds of millions of sick people in the world who can't get medical treatment in their home countries. Nearly half the population of the planet doesn't have access to western medical treatment.

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