Alphabetical list of rare brain diseases

List of childhood diseases and disorders affecting children. Over 30 of the more common childhood diseases are listed here. Childhood illnesses are very common and are often no reason to be alarmed. Consulting a doctor on a child's sickness or disorder is always advisable, but often kids diseases will cure themselves. Ranging from the kids sickness chicken pox to the ringworm, kids often tend to get sick more than adults. Feel free to sort this list by symptoms, treatment, or alphabetically by name.

What are some common childhood diseases? No parent likes to see their child sick. It's a scary ordeal! Learn about the diseases and disorders that can affect your children before it is too late. All parents should be aware of Leukemia and the possible risk it poses to their children. Check out this list of leukemia symptoms. If your child frequently gets sick you should also see this list of immune system diseases. Also if your child ever shows signs of mental impairment check out these diseases of the brain.

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What are three rare brain diseases?

Three rare brain diseases include: Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, cysticercosis (a brain worm), and Walker-Warburg Syndrome.

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